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Construction of the Tree Church


On May 11th, 2021, construction of the Tree Church began. We had raised to our goal of $20,000, and we were hopeful that the funds would complete our very first church in the Rift Valley. We hired a local contractor, just as we had planned, and construction progressed smoothly. During construction, Mike was approached by a local tribe leader to be baptized. He then realized something very important had been left out of the construction plan. A baptismal was immediately added to the material list, and was soon completed. Because there is no running water, the water had to be trucked in from town to fill the baptismal for the first baptismal service. Luckily, the local elephants came for a drink after Mike and Pastor Gideon had held the baptismal service, during which roughly 15 people were baptized, so all the water went to good use.

The need is great, but God is greater!

Ultimately, it took four-and-a-half months from start to finish. The Lord provided every penny in perfect time. There was neither a lack of supplies nor finances to purchase them during those months. $20,971.00 purchased 3,000 cinder blocks, 6 metal trusses, 1 tin roof, 6 windows, 1 double door, 1 single door, and labor costs for a 4-man crew. On September 24th, 2021, the Tree Church held its first service inside their newly completed facilities! Bro. Michael was able to be in attendance, along with 115 African brothers and sisters in Christ. This was the first of many churches that the ARC team intends to build in the Rift Valley. The need is great, but God is greater!


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