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God's Perfect Timing

In my last blog, “Even Better Than Zanzibar”, I told about our trip to give food to the churches in the Rift Valley. That was a small part of a very long adventure! If you missed Part 1, read it first.

Now, for part 2….

On Thursday, September 7th, we visited the local Hardware store and purchased 2x4s, cement, and more rebar. As we made our way up the mountain to Lositete to make the delivery and check on the progress of the church building, we passed two men who were carrying large loads of various items they were selling; they signaled to us that they wanted a “lifty” and Michael being the big-hearted man he is, pulled over for them to hop in the back of the truck! I wasn’t sure they would fit with our load, but where there is a will, there is a way! They rode along with us till we reached a small village along the road; they banged on the truck, which was the way to let us know they had reached their destination. Michael jumped out to help them unload. It took him a long time, and that's when I realized he was buying wraps from them. I was a little frustrated because “our budget” didn’t include “frivolous” purchases, and we had wraps like those at home in Moshi! Michael just smiled and gave them the 30,000 shillings. Keep this in mind because it is essential for a future blog.

We made it to Lositete and delivered the supplies; while we were there, Michael climbed on the “Osha-approved” scaffolding and tried to lay brick, which was short-lived, as Rogers, the contractor, quickly took his tools back over. We also took the time to lay our hands on the portion of the walls that were completed and pray for them, the church, and the souls it will hold.

Back in July, Bro. Noa Kimaroh, who, along with his father, pastor in a village about 45 minutes from Moshi, asked Michael to preach in a crusade that he would schedule in a Village named Manghang for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the first week of September. Michael had agreed to participate and be the Sunday speaker because he had nothing planned for that time. Remember, he left his

secretary (me) in America until August, so, at that time, no one reminded him to ask for more details, like where Manghang was or of his tentative anniversary trip plans! Someone buy this man a monthly planner!

In all our planning to pass out food in the Rift Valley and go to Lositete to take supplies for the church, we thought it made perfect sense to end with the crusade on the way home. Only, the crusade wasn’t on the way home! When mapping our trip, we asked Jonas if he knew where Manghang was. He did not, so we had him call Bro. Noa to alleviate the language barrier. Bro. Noa said, “I will send them a shortcut.” When I put the “shortcut” in my Google map, it said 4 hours beyond Karatu, putting us 8 hours away from Moshi! Immediately, I told Michael, “We don’t have enough fuel for an extra 8-hour drive or the money for another hotel. You will have to tell him we cannot come.” Michael reminded me that if it is the Lord’s will, it is the Lord’s bill! Plus, he was a man of his word and Bro. Noa was counting on him. Though Michael’s faith was large, I still wanted to know what WE were going to DO! Michael reminded me that all WE could do was PRAY, which was precisely what we did! When we left Moshi on Wednesday, we put our last 200,000 shillings towards gas, knowing we could make it to the Rift Valley, Lositete, and back to Moshi. This left no gas to go to Manghang for the crusade. As we headed down the mountain from the 3rd church site, we had about a quarter of a tank left and a decision to make.

Return to Moshi with the last of our gas or head to Manghang by faith?

I said, “Well, Lord, what now?” As we reached the bottom of the mountain, my phone got service, and a PayPal notification popped up! I opened it, and would you believe someone sent $100! This gentleman had no way of knowing what we needed; he just felt led to send the money!

God laid it on that person's heart, and they obeyed exactly when we needed it!

God’s timing is always perfect! Miracle #2!

With 100 dollars in our pocket, we began our four-hour journey towards our destination across the worst rutted and dusty roads we have encountered in all our time in Tanzania, but that is another blog for another day. For now, I leave you rejoicing in miracles and God’s perfect timing.


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