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Moving Day!

Today is moving day! In February of 2022, plans were made to begin this transition to our new home in Moshi, Tanzania. Over the last year, we sold, packed, donated, and tossed what felt like the sum total of

thirty-two years of marriage and 12 years in what we thought would be our forever home.

Then, we did it again and again! At times we felt like Gideon paring down the troops just one more time.

By October, we were down to two closets, a bucket of winter clothes, keepsakes in a 10 x 20 storage container, and 11 suitcases.

While preparing for our move to Moshi, life didn’t slow down. We proudly watched as our eldest daughter’s calling to midwifery turned into a thriving business. With mixed emotions, we helped Glenna move into her apartment. Not soon after, I tearfully walked my second daughter, Janeal, down the aisle and gave her hand in marriage to her high school sweetheart. During those months in between, Jana, Wilma, Mikey,

and I took two full itinerary trips to raise financial support for the Tanzania Mission.

Our original plan was to leave in the first week of January, but due to residency paperwork, work permits, and money exchange delays, we were advised to wait another month. This was a blessing in disguise as we could then be home for our Pastor’s retirement and spend extra time with our oldest daughters in their new roles.

As we walk through this time of change, we have two requests. First, we humbly ask that you consider

becoming a monthly supporter of the ARC team. We have done our best to be prepared for every contingency, but even as I write this, over the last 24 hours, we have encountered unforeseen expenses to the tune of $700 dollars. Unfortunately, these circumstances are pretty common when traveling internationally and dealing with inflation globally. It’s difficult to estimate the cost of living or the prices of building materials. Your continued support could alleviate some of those stress points. Secondly, could you pray with us? We ask for God’s protection, favor with government officials as we bring supplies through customs, and above all, wisdom as we begin construction on the third church building and our property. We want to say a huge THANK YOU for being a part of our journey. May God bless you for your continued support. You, our prayer partners and financial donors, have made this God-given dream a reality.


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