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The Mountain Church

Greetings from Africa, Friends! We are neck-deep in house renovations and knee-deep in church building. I thought I’d take a break and help you connect some dots. Most of you have heard me talk about a fellowship of Massai pastors. This fellowship is called World Evangelistic Ministries. These pastors are men and women of God working to build the kingdom, and we are working to construct

block-and-mortar churches for them. Our third church building with this fellowship is in its early stages. I would like you to meet the pastors of this mountain church, Brother Joshua and Sister Nengai Olessapuro of Lositete, Tanzania. They have been in the ministry for 6 of the 11 years they have been married. Along the way, they welcomed Jeremiah (age 11), Jehoshaphat (age 9), Daniel (age 2), and just last month, little Samuel joined the family. After assisting Pastor Gideon for 3 ½ years, they felt ready to start ministering here in Nengai’s hometown of Lositete. God blessed and prospered the church over the last 2 ½ years, and the little mud 40’ x 16’ hut is bursting at the seams with 70 members every time the doors are open.

Their story is not uncommon here in Africa. Joshua was born and raised in Salila, along with six younger siblings. He became a Christian in 2011. He met his lovely wife, Nengai, at the market and, sharing their love for Christ, were married shortly after. They live in Joshua’s hometown and hike up the mountain twice a week, Sundays and Fridays, for services. They are excited to see what God has for their young ministry.

We broke ground on their church on March 8th. Pastor Joshua prayed over the land, and we immediately started digging the footings. Since the existing church is where the new church needs to be built, but the congregation wants to continue using the old building during the rainy season, we are building the new brick building around their current church hut. Two challenges come with the construction of this church. First, the land is at the top of the mountain, so supplies must be purchased at the bottom of the mountain, in a little town called Kutovu, and then transported up the mountain. The second challenge is that it is rainy season right now. In fact, our first supply run was delayed due to an overnight storm that washed out the road. In spite of this risk, we felt the urgency of the need superseded the difficulties that the weather would bring.

We know this project will take longer than the last two, but we trust God for traveling mercies and clear days to work. We, along with Pastor Joshua, covet your prayers and support as we build another church for the glory of God.


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