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November, 2020 Update

Team A.R.C. was born in 2018, and though still in our infancy stage, we are currently putting our full efforts toward bigger and better things for the people of Tanzania and beyond. Many charities and outreaches have been shut down due to COVID-19, and A.R.C. was no exception. Our annual trip to Tanzania for children’s outreach was canceled. As disappointing as that was for the team, we are currently working tirelessly to fully fund several projects remotely as God leads us.

One such project is the building of the “Tree Church”. Located in the bush country of the vast Rift Valley, this group of faithful Maasai brothers

and sisters meet once weekly under the shade of a beautiful Acacia tree, weather permitting. We believe that God is leading our team to bless Pastor Gideon and his congregation with a 40ft. by 50ft. cinderblock church building. A project of this magnitude will cost roughly $20,000 dollars to build locally. Though it may be less expensive to send materials from the States or have a team build it, our goal is to stimulate the local economy by having it built by local contractors. This would provide about three months-worth of work, which would not only bless the people with work, but also provide the congregation with a permanent place of worship. We are currently 45% funded and hope to be fully funded by February.

Another project that the A.R.C. team has taken on is the endeavor to disperse Swahili Bibles to each of our African brothers and sisters. This is no small feat, but with God’s help we believe it to be possible. Each Bible costs $15 and donations can be made exclusively for the purchase of these precious books. Our final fundraising goal is an effort to be an overwhelming blessing when we visit these churches, whether we are doing kid’s crusades, visiting the orphanage, or meeting with pastors. As a gesture of brotherly love, at each stop, we present the pastor with a monetary gift, the pastor's wife with a care package, and we feed each congregation with a locally purchased goat.

When Jesus walked the earth, He took the time to, not only care for other’s spiritual needs, but their physical, daily needs as well. This is the model that we would like to replicate as we visit and encourage our fellow believers in Tanzania, or wherever God may lead us.


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